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Access Medical Billing Solutions
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Access Medical Billing Solutions
Pam McKewen

509 Forest Avenue
Clare MI 48617
(989) 329-4918

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Access Medical Billing Solutions is a full service medical billing office utilizing the latest claims processing techniques.


Error-free claims with our claims editing software.  Claims will transmit error free the first time, putting your accounts receivable at an all time low.  Would you like to have your accounts receivable under 20 days?  We put everything we have available in to getting your claims paid FAST!

Faster payment time.  Get your payments in 10-14 days after they are transmitted compared to 4-6 weeks by paper claims.  That time frame will increase up to over 120 days with any rejections.

Increased cash flow.  Are you in all the managed care programs that you should be?  Are you missing out on patients because you are not in their network of providers?

Claims follow-up.  We will follow-up on all claims submitted by our company until payment is received.  We will also follow-up on any old accounts that you have existing now.

Claims status reports.  Know exactly where your accounts receivable are every week.

Decreased office overhead.  Employee benefits have skyrocketed and are still on the rise.  By using Access Medical Billing Solutions you have no health, dental, vision, 401K, long or short term disability or life insurance to pay on your employee.

Increase staff productivity.  Let your staff have the time to keep your office in an orderly fashion with their time spent on customer service.  Great customer service is also free advertising for will get you new patients!

  • Access Medical Billing Solutions will help you avoid unneeded expenditures on costly hardware and software. 


  • Access Medical Billing Solutions maintains and up-dates knowledge of carrier regulations by attending seminars and classes to keep up with filing regulations and revisions.  (We are HIPPA compliant)


  • Access Medical Billing Solutions eliminates the need to hire additional staff or train new staff..This eliminates the cost of salaries, benefits and taxes.


  • Access Medical Billing Solutions will follow up on insurance claims-freeing your staff to take care of your patients and freeing them from the headaches of rejected claims.


  • Typically, utilization of an outside claims service will cost you less than one-half your cost to process inhouse with your staff members.

Here are some of the many benefits you will receive by using



Superbills will be received by Access Medical Billing Solutions on a daily basis.  Every claim will be entered and be audited/edited to ensure there are no errors on any claim.  If anything is ommitted or incorrect it will be caught immediately and you will be notified and the claim will be edited immediately.  All verified "no-error" claims are sent directly to the insurance carrier for processing.  This process virtually eliminates any rejections.  


The provider or Access Medical Billing Solutions (which ever you prefer) will receive payment on electronic claims within 10-14 days versus paper or rejected claims, which will take anywhere from 30-120+ days to be paid.  At time of payment, the Explanation of Benefits will also be checked to make sure all charges were captured correctly.


The provider will save time and money using Access Medical Billing Solutions to file their claims.  Using Access Medical Billing Solutions will eliminate the time required to code, input, print and mail the claims, therefore, enabling your office staff to run your practice more efficiently and productively. 


Electronic Claims will be mandatory soon.  In some states, Medicare is already enforcing it.  It would be easier and possibly less expensive for a provider to start filing all their claims electronically at this time.



You will be provided with detailed reports on all accounts receivable for your records.  Reports such as:

  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Collection Analysis
  • Referral Report
  • Provider Report
  • Procedure Report
  • Diagnosis Report
  • Patient Demographics
  • and much, much more!


All practice information and patient information is kept totally confidential and secured.  All materials received by Access Medical Billing Solutions are e-faxed, which means never having to actually have a physical piece of paper to handle.  All claim data is uploaded and worked on at a secured level. If anything is needed by paper (sent via fax/mail) it will be returned or shredded, which ever the provider prefers.

Rest easy knowing your information is backed up everyday.

HIPPA compliance is our main concern!



Main Page  M. B. Services  Paper vs. Electronic  PAPER CLAIM  Why Us?

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